Monday, September 14, 2009

BB Scanner. Not Free Anymore...

Looks like one of my favorite apps is unfortunately not free anymore. I was surprised that it was in the first place. But apparently there have been some major improvements and upgrades in this new, official version.

You can search for scanners near you, and save favorites among other things. Its now $2.99 for the app.

More info and download here:

Get Sports Illustrated * on your BlackBerry or iPhone

Sports Illustrated * is now available for download as a free application on your BlackBerry or iPhone!

Click here to download it now:
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gmail Actually Syncs Now?

I've been using Gmail on BB for over 2 years now and I could never figure out how to sync the messages. ie. When I read a message on the berry, it was still marked as unread when I was on gmail on my computer.

But miraculously today when I opened my gmail account (which I seldom do anymore) on my PC, the messages I had read during the day on my berry were marked as unread! Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I've been posting a lot of twitter tweets that automatically feed to the blog. You'll find them on the right side. I find this is a very easy way to pass some quick info along to everyone out there in blog land.