Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Put Flags For Almost Any Country In BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

In the newest version of BBM, you can add flag icons from almost any country in the world. Its very simple. Its the 2 letter country code with a * before and after.

For example: The Canada flag would be *ca*
USA - *us*
Japan - *jp*
Finland - *fi*
Fiji - *fj*

Just type the codes as above then hit space and the flag icon will appear.

I found a website with all the country codes here: http://www.modemsite.com/56k/_ccodes.asp

Not all of them work in BBM. Most do, but I know for sure that Christmas Island (yes, that is a country) and Western Sahara do NOT work.

Have fun!
Sent from my BlackBerry 8900 Javelin.


  1. is it possible to get the Gay Pride Flag?

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  3. Thanks very much Troy! I really appreciate it!