Monday, July 13, 2009

BerryScanner: Turns Your BB Into A Police Scanner

BerryScanner is a FREE (***EDIT: It looks like this app is unfortunately no longer free. See comment below) app that turns your berry into a police and fire scanner. Its totally free and simple to use. The locations are limited here in Canada, but there are many to choose from in the U.S. including the one above. That's a screenshot from my 8900 running the app. I've found the most active channel is Dallas, Texas Police and Fire. Lots o' crime down there I guess.

Its quite fun to listen to live police chatter from all over the place. The app does drain the battery fairly quickly and does use data. But if you're like me, the data part shouldn't matter much. I have the 500MB data plan on Rogers and I never come close to using it all. I average just over 100MB a month and I would consider myself a heavy user. You can also monitor how much data you've used as you listen. I usually listen to it while streaming over wi-fi and when its plugged in.

Another fun aspect of this app is that you can run it while you're out and people will think you're important. Strap on a fake radio and throw in some "10-4"s and "roger that"s at key times, and you'll be an undercover cop to everyone around. I might even pick up a badge from the dollar store, tie it to a string, and put it around my neck for effect.

Check it out and let me know your adventures:

You probably will have to configure your APN settings after installing the app to make sure it works. There are instructions at the above link.


  1. its not free anymore, it takes you to BBScanner. 14 day trial

  2. Thanks for the heads up Mike. Looks like it got too popular.

  3. That sucks that if you had it free it asks you to update an you no longer get it for free. I like the app but really 4.99 for the app is to much and it keeps going up it started at 2.99 then went to 3.99 then 4.99 so get it now if you love it before it goes further.

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