Monday, April 20, 2009

Wallpaper Tips

I realize most everyone out there knows how to change their wallpaper or 'home screen image,' but I've seen a lot of stock wallpapers out there and thought I'd share some sources for almost any kind of wallpaper you can think of. Each one is optimized for whichever model of BB you have. 

First of all, lets go over the basics: How to change your wallpaper:
  1. Find an image stored on your BB (Media-->Pictures). I made a folder especially for wallpapers cause I like to mix it up all the time.
  2. Select the image
  3. Hit menu
  4. Select "set as homescreen image"
Thats it!

Now there are a few places to find great wallpapers, but has the best and most organized database I've found. Just click the link below, find your BB, choose a category, and download away.

As I explained in my theme how to post previously, you will have to register to download. Its quick and painless though. Username, password and email address. They don't spam you either.

Its easiest to use your computer to download wallpapers and then transfer them later using USB, but you can download them directly to your BB by visiting the site on the BB browser.

Here are some more of my favorites:


  1. Great link, i'm going nuts on the free wallpapers!!

  2. Excellent. There are tons there and the search is pretty good too. Here are some more you might like: