Sunday, June 6, 2010

BatteryEx: Free Battery Monitor

As I have kept up with Operating System updates I have found improvements in battery life. I'm running on my 8900 and am very pleased with its efficiency. A few days ago I played music through headphones for 8 straight hours and still had 25% battery remaining! Nevertheless, I am always looking at ways to tweak and improve my Javelin.

Enter BatteryEx. It places an icon on your homescreen displaying your battery level. You can also optionally display the voltage and temperature. Another feature is that you can add a small icon at the top of the homescreen displaying the battery level.

It seems pretty accurate and could be useful when you're low on juice to monitor your levels.

In the paid version, there is a 'Booster' feature. I'm not exactly sure what this does, but it sounds pretty obvious.

Get it here:

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  1. Stop using all your battery your going to need it to make calls!!! turn your apps off and dim your backlight... no thanks needed!