Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Tic Tac Toe Game is Free! Oh and its the best!

Another free game from XIMAD BlackBerry Applications and this one is a hit as well. I know what you're thinking...ok, maybe I don't, but I THINK I know what you're thinking. How fun can tic tac toe be really? Well it CAN be fun, especially when you play the 6X6 mode against a very challenging "phone" (what we used to call "computer" back in the good old days). I played 3 times so far and the blasted phone has won 2 and I managed to tie the third game.

The game looks great and its a great way to kill some time. I also like the custom features of playing against another living human and adding names. Simple, addictive and fun. Just like Look and Listen (simon says clone) which I reviewed earlier:

You can get Best Tic Tac Toe at App World:

Monday, September 20, 2010

BBM updated to 5.0.1!

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated from to

Highlights of BBM v5.0.1 include:
• Bug fixes to improve the overall user experience
• Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes
• More user-friendly wording and organization in menus
• Support for a simpler, one line view of contact list
• Support for both deleting an unsent chat message (Shift-Del) and escaping out of a chat while retaining an unsent chat message (Escape button)

Get it at App World or

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Free Look and Listen Game

Just came across a new free game on App World. Its just like the old Simon Says games you grew up with. Mimic the pattern. There are small, unobtrusive ads that keep it free. I've played it once without sound (my prof would not enjoy it as much as me) and its pretty fun. See how many you can get!

Check out Look and Listen - Memory Game! You can find it at

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