Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Tic Tac Toe Game is Free! Oh and its the best!

Another free game from XIMAD BlackBerry Applications and this one is a hit as well. I know what you're thinking...ok, maybe I don't, but I THINK I know what you're thinking. How fun can tic tac toe be really? Well it CAN be fun, especially when you play the 6X6 mode against a very challenging "phone" (what we used to call "computer" back in the good old days). I played 3 times so far and the blasted phone has won 2 and I managed to tie the third game.

The game looks great and its a great way to kill some time. I also like the custom features of playing against another living human and adding names. Simple, addictive and fun. Just like Look and Listen (simon says clone) which I reviewed earlier:

You can get Best Tic Tac Toe at App World:

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