Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Still Alive! I'm Now a Writer at BerryReview!

Dear loyal follower(s), 

I apologize for my neglect of this, my little blog. I will continue to post here, but there will be fewer articles because my new blogging focus has moved to www.BerryReview.com. 

 I have been a more passive member of BerryReview for a couple of years. They have been running monthly contests for readers to win a BlackBerry PlayBook. Every comment on the blogs or forums or any tip submission counted as an entry to win. In February, I decided to have a go at the PlayBook and started posting as much useful content as I could. The editor, Ronen Halevy, noticed some of my posts and asked if I wanted to contribute to the site as a writer. I, of course agreed and I have been writing for BerryReview ever since. 

Unfortunately I did not win the PlayBook in February, but I've been having a great time getting my writing out there to a bigger audience. 

Check out some of the articles I have posted so far (most recent first):