Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FREE Flashlight App for BlackBerry: FlashOn

I have a Javelin 8900 and usually use the video camera light as a flashlight. It works very well and is surprisingly bright. The only problem with this is that the video light is always set to on so I don't have to fiddle with settings when in the dark to have a flashlight. Then when I want to take a video without the light, I have to change it back...anyway, its kinda annoying.

Enter FlashOn! Its a simple app that works with all BB's running OS 4.2 or higher. I just tested it on and it works great. If you don't have a flash/video light you can use the LED or screen to light the way.

Here are some of the features:
  • If you have a flash/video light, it will automatically use that
  • For the LED you can choose between: Off, White, Blue, Orange or Green.
  • Set it to turn off automatically from between 1 minute to never
  • Option to cover up the camera
  • There are 30 screen colors to choose from. Coral, Fuschia, Gold, Lavender, Magenta...take your pick. (Kinda weird there are so many colors? Just me?)
  • A cool icon so you can put it right on your homescreen
I have my LED set to blue, covered the camera, automatic shutdown at 2 minutes and the screen is set to tempting as Light Cyan was.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Location Based Search, Poynt Has Been Updated

For those of you who are already using Poynt, this isn't huge news. But I always like to stay on top of the latest updates and releases for my favorite apps. Poynt is in my top 5 for sure. The movies search is great and I also like the reverse lookup feature that allows you to lookup who called you using just a phone number.

The weather is integrated on the home screen and the mapping has been updated to support Google maps. Here are a few changes in this release:
  • Navigation (as opposed to map only) from current location to destination using BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps
  • Date/time stamps for fuel prices (works in US only)
  • Ability to turn weather on/off
  • New interface (released for non-touchscreen devices with v1.5.2.36) now available for Storm/Storm2 (according to another forum post)
You can get the latest release at App World or OTA directly from their site here:

Friday, February 5, 2010

SmrtGuard-Free! Now Available With Great Features!

SmrtGuard is a VERY useful application that I tried out in the beta stages when it was totally free with all features enabled. I loved the backup and restore features and especially the ability to track and/or find my BB. There are so many great features. I am surprised they decided to roll out a free version. Here is what you get for $0.00:

  • Find my BlackBerry
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Remote Listen (Remote Call Fwd) - Yes, you can remote call fwd your BlackBerry to another number in case you left it at home!
  • Add a Loved-one as a tracker (have your loved one get SmrtGuard, and add yourself so you can track each other) -> aka the Valentine's Day gift of trust :)
  • Personal Guardian and SIMCard Guardian