Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FREE Flashlight App for BlackBerry: FlashOn

I have a Javelin 8900 and usually use the video camera light as a flashlight. It works very well and is surprisingly bright. The only problem with this is that the video light is always set to on so I don't have to fiddle with settings when in the dark to have a flashlight. Then when I want to take a video without the light, I have to change it back...anyway, its kinda annoying.

Enter FlashOn! Its a simple app that works with all BB's running OS 4.2 or higher. I just tested it on and it works great. If you don't have a flash/video light you can use the LED or screen to light the way.

Here are some of the features:
  • If you have a flash/video light, it will automatically use that
  • For the LED you can choose between: Off, White, Blue, Orange or Green.
  • Set it to turn off automatically from between 1 minute to never
  • Option to cover up the camera
  • There are 30 screen colors to choose from. Coral, Fuschia, Gold, Lavender, Magenta...take your pick. (Kinda weird there are so many colors? Just me?)
  • A cool icon so you can put it right on your homescreen
I have my LED set to blue, covered the camera, automatic shutdown at 2 minutes and the screen is set to tempting as Light Cyan was.

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