Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: OEM Leather Swivel Holster For 8900/Storm

Here are some shots of the new OEM Leather Swivel Holster I just received in the mail today. RIM has made some serious improvements on their older leather holster. The one that came with my Pearl a few years ago was not even close to the quality of this one. Maybe that's why I had to buy this separately. The pouch that came with the 8900 was junk. It wasn't even leather and it pressed buttons and drained the battery. As shown above, this one works with the 8900. It will also cradle a Storm. 

The clip is great. Its very durable and has 360 degree rotation on 23 separate stops. I'm not sure why you would ever want this thing totally upside down, but why not I guess. The clip is easier to open than the old model and grips your belt very well. 
I love the silver BB logo on the front. I hope it holds up better than the silver "BlackBerry" plate on the old holsters that turns rusty copper after you breathe on it for a minute.  The top flap closes with a magnet and there is a proximity magnet as well that puts your Berry in Standby mode when you holster it. 
Instead of having that black elastic on the sides, your BB is surrounded by genuine leather. Much better. 

Overall, I am very impressed with this holster. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the 'utility belt' look, I can definitely rock this without feeling like that guy that has 134 keys (on a retractable string), a leatherman, a swiss army knife and a flashlight all strapped around his waist. The cool factor is there.

As far as protection, its great. You just need to be careful when your BB is unholstered. I just ordered a clear protector that covers the entire BB and provides an invisible layer of protection. I'll review that as well after I get it. I'm pumped for that because its made out of the same stuff the military uses to protect helicopter blades. Overkill? I think not.

The price was amazing. Normally at a store, you'd pay at least $40 for this. I got it on eBay for $18.45 CAD including taxes and shipping. That is a steal in my opinion. 

Any other questions? Comments?

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