Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tunewiki: Free Music Player That Displays Lyrics!

There a new app in App World that is a music player that displays the album artwork and the lyrics to the song as it plays. Not all songs have lyrics displayed though. I've only tested a few, but it seems like the popular songs do, and some more obscure songs can't be found. Either way, its a free app and it might prevent embarrassment the next time you're belting out the lyrics to your favorite song.

Check it out in App World under the Top Downloads section. Last I checked it was #23.
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  1. J
    The idea of TuneWiki is community, so if lyrics are missing, the user should go to and add them, hunderds of new songs are added and synced every day by users.

  2. Of course! That totally makes sense. I had a feeling that Wiki part of the name was important. Thanks a lot for the info! I'll head over to the community and add the lyrics to all my favorite underground Backstreet Boys tunes. Seriously though, thanks for the tip. How did you find my lowly little blog anyway? Just curious cause I'm normally the only reader.