Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Contest! One Free Copy of Wallpaper Shuffle!

*UPDATE: Sorry everyone, and by everyone, I mean all of you who commented on this post for the contest ......cricket.....cricket....... tumbleweed........ dry cough. So I decided to use this Wallpaper Shuffle App now since I have updated to OS 5.0 and the app has also been updated.

But, do not despair! I found a cheap alternative. When I say cheap, I actually mean free. Its called Wallpaper Changer Lite and you can find it at the Crackberry.com App Store here: http://software.crackberry.com/productMobile.asp?id=40632. This one also only works on OS 4.7 or 5.0.*

I just won a contest on www.crackberry.com for an app that rotates your wallpaper. The problem is, it only works on BB's running OS 4.7. So that means it will work if you have a Storm 9500/9530 or a Tour 9630.

The app is called Wallpaper Shuffle. Check it out here: http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?deviceid=1057&id=23695&n=WallpaperShuffle

To enter the contest: leave a comment on this post about why you have to have this app. I will check out each comment and decide on a winner.

For those who don't win, the app sounds pretty cool and its relatively cheap at $2.95.

Remember, it will only work on a Storm or a Tour.

Let it begin!!!

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