Monday, May 18, 2009

BlackBerry Messenger Anyone?

Instant Messaging with Your BlackBerry Smartphone
BlackBerry Messenger is one of the greatest features of BB's today. Its super secure and totally free if you have a data plan. You can add contacts using their PIN or email address.

I like having the 'delivered' and 'read' function so I know when people have seen the messages I send...and if they're ignoring me. That's where the infamous "PING!!!" comes in handy. You can make your contact's BB vibrate to get his attention. If you are super annoyed by the vibration that comes with PINGs, you can disable it. Go to BBM. Hit menu-->options. Set "Vibrate When Receiving a Ping" to No. While you're in the Options, I would recommend setting the "Allow On The Phone presence status" to Yes. That way, you are not listed as unreachable when you're on the phone. Update: On the newest versions of BBM, 'On the Phone presence status' has been removed as an option. Not sure why. It might be automatic now? Anyway, check out the newest version of BBM ( here:

Here's a useful article outlining the basic features and functions of BBM: HowStuffWorks - BB Messenger

A nice feature of newer versions of BBM is the ability to send and receive files and voicenotes. Send pictures, small, audio files and short voicenotes directly to your BBM contacts.

I'm not sure how many readers there are of this blog...I'm guessing around 2 (my wife cause she loves me,......and me), but I'm going to throw my PIN out there for anyone to add me to their BBM contacts. Feel free to add me and ask me any questions you have, anytime. Or let me know any ideas you might have for future blog entries. Here it is: 24a3bad7.

Also, please tell all your BB using friends about the blog so they can unlock the power of their Berry. Thanks!!!


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