Thursday, May 28, 2009

FREE WeatherBug App Better Than WeatherEye?

Just saw this new app on App World in the Top Downloads section. It is definitely more detailed and has more info than WeatherEye. Its not quite as easy to navigate, but I like having all the info right in front of me. 

You can set it to automatically set your location according to your GPS coordinates which is pretty cool. You can also set it to update every 15min as opposed to WeatherEye's 30min minimum. It has replaced WeatherEye in the second row of my icons...for now. I'm going to see if I like it better and decide later.

I'm pretty sure the above screenshot is from the older version, so you'll have to see the new one for yourself. Go to AppWorld and get it! 

*   *   *
Oh, just found a pic of the new version. 


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