Monday, May 3, 2010

New Free Theme for 97xx, 96xx, 9500 and 89xx. BB Pro v5

My new theme of choice is called BlackBerry Pro Version 5. Its clean and simple and there are a lot of icons on the main screen without clutter. Counting the weather slot, there are 16 icons on the main screen. The 7 large ones are customizable and the small ones on the bottom are not. Update: Natemz has updated his masterpiece to version 5.1 which makes all icons customizable. The weather slot in the top right corner always displays the temp and conditions (I use weathereye). To use the weather slot, just move your weathereye icon to the first position.

The theme is available for the 9700, 96xx, 95xx, and the 8900. There isn't an 8900 version listed, but I used the 9700 version without any problem since the resolution is the same. I like that you can choose from 7 different colors as well. I've tried the black and am now using the blue.

I highly recommend this theme.

More info and download here:


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