Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Pics of the BlackBerry 9800 slider and 9670 clamshell Running OS 6.0. Is the BB 10 coming?

Check out the shiny new BBs running the shiny new OS! I'm not so sure about the clamshell idea, but the specs on it are impressive. 5MP camera with auto focus and flash? Not too shabby.

The slider looks amazing to me. The rumors are becoming more real now as this super BB gets closer to release (I've heard three or four months). The slider will feature a full touchscreen; looks a lot like the Storm2 when the keyboard is tucked away. Then WHAM! Slide out that smooth Bold style keyboard and you've got quite the berry.

I've been thinking. Now that this device is almost confirmed as the 9800, what happens when we get to 10000? Is RIM holding out on a super duper ultra awesome BB? If I were RIM, I'd call it the BlackBerry 10. Some of the features might include but would not be limited to: bluetooth virtual heads up display (you figure it out), 3D ready full HD 240hz LED screen, solar charging (which would only be necessary once a year due to the amazing kryptonite battery), surround sound (don't ask me), it would be flexible or firm on command (nanotechnology), and toaster.

What would your BlackBerry 10 look like?

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  1. What about different SLR lenses that you could attach to the phone's camera to take professional photos. Or maybe a radar detector for when I'm late for work. Or perhaps a projector to watch project slideshows for work and movies at home on a wall. Just some ideas.